03/04/97 - 03/06/08
Lucytias Archimedies For Cameus...."ODIN"

It is with terrrible sadness we have to report that on the 3rd of June 2008 we lost our "darling boy" aged eleven years.


Goodnight our special "TOADY BOY"
You gave us love and so much joy
Your loyalty and devotion
Your dignity and pride
Will stay with us forever
Now you're not by our side
11 years we shared our lives
The privilege and the pleasure
You're in our hearts now
and there you'll be forever.

A faithful BOY will play with you
And laugh with you -- or cry.
He'll gladly starve to stay with you
Nor ever reason why.
And when you were feeling out of sorts
Somehow he always understood
He'll always watch you with his shining eyes
And try to lick your hand.
His blind, implicit faith in you
Is matched by his great love--
The kind that all of us should have
In the Master, up above.
When everything is said and done,
I guess this isn't odd...
he was not just a dog to you he was like your child.

For when you spell 'Dog' backwards,
You get the name of God.
rest in peace Odin you will be greatly missed

Sarah - Rivaz rottweilers

So sorry Sue & Malcolm to hear of your loss of Odin, yes he was a once in a lifetime dog! and I felt the pain you are going through now it is gut renching. ODIN was a true gentle giant,a great ambassador for the breed if only there were more like him the rottie world would be a better place! His love for you both will carry you through this sad time,tears will turn to smiles as you remember all the little funny quirks he had, and you will feel his presence, he will never leave you as he is locked in your hearts forever!

Jean Hale

We were so sad to hear about Odin, he was a very majestic dog and we were very lucky to meet him and the both of you. I know no words will come close but the memories will stay forever.

love from Annie, Richard, boys and Inca xxxxx

It was an honour to have spent time with such a wonderful boy.

Maureen Parry

Dear Sue & Mac,

My memory of Odin, I remember the day not long after you had that gorgeous boy he was 10 weeks old when we first met him, full of life and mischief.
We watched him grow up with you into the most handsome mummys boy that he was, always by yourside with one eye on you and the other on whatever was going on, and produced sons and daughters with exactly the same gentle & loving nature as himself.
The many times we ,d visit over the 11 years of him being with you he would many times while we sat chatting in the kitchen look at mac and say yes I love you but my mummy is my favourite I will never forget the expression ( sorry mac ) it would make me chuckle inside.
A great dog Odin was, and will be sadley missed by all who new him.
Run Free Sweet Man, Until We Meet Again. XXX


Sorry to hear your sad news.
Bruce was in floods of tears as it brought back memories of our sadness of loosing our man Bud. Bloody gutting. I hope the thought that there's little bits of Odin's in a lot of peoples lives bring them a lot of love and happiness, brings you comfort.

Thinking of you
Tina and Bruce

I had not had the pleasure of meeting Odin myself, but my parents did on the day that they purchased our boy Zak from you in 1999, he was around 18 months, sadly we had to put him to sleep in March of this year aged 10 years, my heartfelt condolences go out to you both, although it's been 3 months, we miss him dearly and often have a cry when we realise he's not around. On behalf of my family I would like to thank you for raising such a wonderful, faithful, loving and all round star of a dog and bringing our Zak into ourlives, and as I gather, he was a mummy's boy just like Odin, spoilt rotten! We hope to see you in the near future to purchase another adorable rottie, thanks again x


Dear Sue and Mac,
You know I never had the privilege to meet Odin but I know what an amazing dog he was from the conversations we have had over the phone. I myself in 2007 lost an Odin, his name was Harlem, at the young age of seven and so the feelings of sorrow, are for me, still here. I believe we are sent dogs like these to teach us something and that may not be obvious right now but one day it will all fall into place and we will smile and look back fondly of the precious moments we are lucky enough to share with one of Gods creatures, such as Odin and Harlem.

by Karen Harvey
The time has come to say Farewell
For another hand must take my leash
And lead the way to eternal peace.

As my eyes now close for the longest sleep
It saddens me to know you weep.
For whether my life has been short or long
It was by Sue's side I did belong.
So please don't cry and don't be sad
Because my life with you was the best
I could have had.

Whatever the reason you had to let me go,
It was with my welfare at heart you did this for me,
And this you surely know.

All the best to you both
Odin lives on in your heart.

Karen Harvey
Quebex Rottweilers UK

Can't believe Odin has sorry for your loss..... He leaves behind a fantastic legacy, and passed on his fantastic looks and temperament to his pups (I would have said brains... but I don't really know what happened to Loki's!).
Here for you both...if there's anything we can do....
love and heartfelt wishes

Bill Mandy and all at Penfoel

Dear Sue and Malcolm,
Lisa and I were deeply saddened when we learned of Odin's passing. We will always keep a place in our hearts and treasure the moments we spent with your boy 'Odin' during our visits. Sharing in your sorrow with the hope that soon you will start to enjoy the happy memories of such a fine boy which you raised and loved so dearly. Please accept our heartfelt condolences during this very sad and difficult time.

Sympathetically yours,
Lisa and Sean.

Sue & Malcolm,
Thinking of you and sending sincere sympathy at this time.

ODIN was a true champion of the breed and we feel privileged to have known him.

Sue & Malcolm,
So sorry to hear your sad news. It is times like this that pull you apart, please take comfort in the time you had with such a loyal and faithful companion and accept our sympathy from all members of the family. Although our meeting with Odin was brief, he left a lasting impression with us all.

Kindest Regards
Russ, Karen & Rachel Tudor. and Kai.

Dear Sue and Malcolm,
I am so very sorry to hear you have lost Odin. He was just the most wonderful Rottie. I know how very much you loved him, as I am quite certain he did too. You must be feeling that chasm in your life that seems as if no other dog will ever fill in the same way. I miss Tessa in just that way still. I have a lovely memory of Odin sprawled over my feet whilst I sat chatting with you both on my last visit to you. Remember all the wonderful times you had with him and what a great life you gave him.

With much love to you both.
Mo xx

Odin the Champ. Dear Aunty Sue And Uncle Mac,
I only found out about two weeks ago and was deeply saddened for your loss, it feels like we have lost a member of our family because we watched Odin grow from a cheeky pup into the most charismatic adult, we know he was your number one. Over the years we have always looked forward to Christmas celebrations at your house which has always been made more entertaining with Odin being there, especially when he used to put the spooks into Dean with his protection against you Sue!! (attack)!!ha ha! I have read through all your messages and had to take some time to bring myself together to write this as I couldn't stop crying, I can't believe how many hearts have been touched knowing Odin, you should be so proud of yourselves for bringing up such an amazing dog and for breeding so many more outstanding rotts. I hope you keep doing what you do best and maybe one day in time another dog will be part of your family, I know he will never replace Odin but I'm sure he'll be a reliable friend for you both.

Take care both we will see you soon
All our love Sam, Brett,Callum and Ollie xxxx

Dear Sue & Malcolm,
So sorry to hear of your sad loss. I cannot imagine what you are going through as I purchased Zeus from you in December 05, one of Odin's pups. When I saw Odin I could not believe how gentle he was, and hoped Zeus would be just like him. Well he has turned out the same, and is so loveable, everyone adores him, so our hearts go out to you.

Best Wishes
Lesley & Mark

Dear Sue & Malcolm,
I’m so very sorry and also glad to have had the opportunity to have met him. His nature and that of the other dogs we met was the deciding factor in our getting Scooby from you. I hope he turns out as well as Odin who, along with your other dogs, shows how wonderful the breed really is.

All the best
Valerie Ephraim

Sue & Malcolm,
Where do I begin at a time like this Sue and Malcolm, it was so wonderful of you both to call and pay Graf a visit today, but the reality of what you must have and still are going through has been sinking in since you left. As we all agreed, until you have had the "one" dog that rises above all and forms the relationship that no other dog has come near to, well nobody can ever begin to understand the loss, the emptiness, the space that can never be filled and in my opinion never could be. We are all feeling for you and your crew and remember Odin does live on, just call down and see Graf and think of what we said about feeding time, after today, this will always be "Odin's Time" a time to remember the gentle giant.

Alan, Eleri, Alpha and Graf X

Sue & Malcolm,
I'm so sorry to read about odin on your website, he was such an ambassador of the breed and such a bloomin character to boot! i'll never forget the whole rumpy pumpy thing and the ear cleaner!

regards, Rachel.

We were just browsing through your website and are very sorry to hear that Odin has passed away. He melted our hearts when we first seen him. He was a beautiful boy and am so priveliged that we bought one of his sons. His name was Camues Dark Odin (Simba) and we bought him on 24.12.2004. He looks a lot like his dad and has a fabulous personality to match (although he thinks he’s king). I have attached some photos of Simba for you to see what he’s like now. We have now moved to Cyprus and Simba sits around the pool like a Greek god.
It's a horrible time when they leave you and our thoughts are with you.
Hope you are all ok.
All the best

Lisa, Gary and Family

Dear both,
We have recently lost our beloved Holly, daughter of gorgeous boy, Odin.
I want to thank you both so much for breeding such a fantastic bread of dog, for the sweet and placid temperament they have – which could only have been achieved by your careful choice of Dam and Sire – and with us, this was achieved by our Holly’s fabulous Dad – which was your one and only Odin – and what a beautiful dog he was in every way.

In memory of our Holly – Cameus Gold Standard – December 1999 – August 2011

Thank you Odin, please look after your daughter Holly who was loved so much, by so many in our family xx

The Perry Family xx

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